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Carpet Cleaning Services Birmingham

Carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, as the build-up of dust and bacteria can cause avoidable health issues.

Kasia cleaning offers an excellent carpet cleaning service. By using a hot water extraction system, also called steam cleaning, we are able to clean even the dirtiest carpets safely and without damaging them. We can remove most stains and buildups quickly and effectively, making you feel like your carpet is new again.

We only believe in using the best and safest possible products for our clients’ carpets and all the chemicals we use are child and pet-friendly, wool-safe and suitable for natural fibres. We use a professional range of products including Chemspec and Prochem.

Our carpet cleaning process is simple and effective, including the following steps:

  1. Vacuum all areas to remove any and all loose dirt or dust
  2. Pre-treat the area to remove the most stubborn stains
  3. Use our hot water extraction machine to remove all smells and bacteria
  4. Treat any remaining stubborn stain
  5. Leave the carpet to fully dry

Our team is fully insured, trained and ready to give you back that brand new carpet feeling!


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