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A clean living space promotes a healthy lifestyle, but it is definitely not easy to stay on top of all the chores with daily routines. A home lived in, will get dirty, dusty and may even develop certain bacteria over time if there is no recurring deep cleaning. The most feasible solution to keeping your home clean and tidy, without stressing over it is to hire professional help. Hiring professional apartment cleaning services Birmingham prevents the chores from accumulating and turning into a stressful situation. At Birmingham Cleaning we understand your situation and we have all the cleaning solutions you may be looking for at an affordable price.

We strive to bring you reliable, safe and affordable service all under one roof. Our cleaning system is designed to be time efficient and through. This is what sets us apart from the rest of the services in Birmingham. No matter what condition your apartment is in, we are ready to take on the job as our system allows us to tackle various cleaning needs without any hassle. We bring your apartment cleaning services Birmingham that speak for themselves. We have worked in the business for over a decade and our clients have provided us the positive feedback needed to thrive and bring you top-notch services.

Our experts are experienced and equipped to handle all your cleaning needs. Constant training and improvement have helped our staff to garner the expertise required to offer a detailed cleaning of your home. Our methods are safe and effective, as all the products we use are not harmful and prochem.

To make sure that all our customers are satisfied and our services are up to standard, we also conduct inspections and take your feedback seriously. This allows us to further improve our system and make any change if needed.

Our apartment cleaning services Birmingham, include cleaning

  • The bathrooms: We perform a complete step by step cleaning in your bathroom. This includes spider-webs removal, mirror cleaning, fixture cleaning, bathtub cleaning, cleaning the shower (glass or tile) and toilet cleaning as well.
  • Bedrooms/sleeping spaces: a thorough cleaning is in order when you hire us to do the job. We will remove the spider webs, change the sheets, clean out the floors/carpet, wipe all services and even give a thorough wiping to the doors and windows.
  • Living rooms: No other part of the house sees as much traffic as living rooms. More often than not you will find people with outdoor shoes roaming in the space. We take good care of this space by thoroughly cleaning the floors, the dust on the surfaces and the corners of the walls.
  • Kitchen cleaning: Our apartment cleaning services Birmingham has a well-trained team that pays close attention to kitchen cleaning. This is the place which affects your health the most and we have a complete cleaning plan that ensures each and every part of the space is cleaned using safe products. All you need to do is give us a call and we will deliver what we promise.


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